What kind of mesh are the best for windows and door?--- stainless steel security screen

When people look for window or door screens, there are many choices now. But it is the most terrible thing that when you fall asleep, an unexpected visitor come into your house and steal all the valuable things. The most important, you feel unsafe for your life. So you have to make sure your doors and windows are safe. But what kind of screens could ensure that?

The answer is the stainless steel woven mesh security screen. The screens are high tensile, which can't be cut, kicked-in, or pried open. So it ensures the entire safety. And at the same time it allows the air-flow. You could let the windows and doors open to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery outside without worrying about any break-ins. And even when you open the door for a stranger, you could feel safe, as the security screens will protect you. At night when you want to keep the fresh air and leave the doors & windows open, you could feel safe, as the screens will keep the creatures outside. The smallest to the flies and mosquito, and the biggest to the wild animals and human being. And the screens are fire-proof, so it protects your house from the fire. Also the woven mesh security screen blocks about 60% of the harmful UV rays. Besides, we could customize any size for your doors and windows.

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